Its prime time!

A couple of weeks ago, my mother asked me to recommend a primer for her kind of skin. As each one of us have different skin types, I simply told my mother to do some research on the internet, just to see what available options there were for her.

My skin is semi oily/combination type. So this review is purely on my experience with the 3 primers I’ve purchased so far.

I only recently purchased the L’orel Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Primer. I only bought it because i heard so much about it, everyone was raving on how it was such an amazing drugstore primer, i thought: why not?

It definitely is one of my more favorite primers that i will buy in the future. Application is easy and smooth. Initially it feels pretty heavy due to the texture of the primer, but once you rub it into your skin, it actually leaves your skin feeling pretty good. I think the pink-ness of the primer kinda gives my skin a very light glow, so I’m liking that quite a lot. My only complaint would be the packaging, the pot is a little to tiny for my liking. Oh! and also that you need to use quite a bit, its not like you can spread it around a lot. Its a strange texture, so when you rub it around its a bit tough to spread out. Maybe its just me.

The Bare Essentials Prime Time primer i would say, would probably be the weakest out of these 3 that I have. For it’s price, I wouldn’t really want to pay that much again for a basic primer. There is nothing wrong with it, it goes on really smooth due to its silicone nature, and it gives pretty good coverage but for the price of 40 dollars, i think i can buy other products that are worth that price.

The Sephora Smoothing Primer was my first primer and it is great for people who don’t really know what they’re looking for in a primer, but want to use a primer. Its a great primer to start with. It goes on your skin really well, and its super light too. It made my make up stay on the whole day, and made my skin really smooth. I was pretty happy with it!

SO! the verdict is:

The L’orel Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Primer is an inexpensive drugstore primer that is extremely easy to use. It has great coverage and leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth. Its a great primer! For starters, you might want to go with the Sephora Smoothing Primer. Its great for people who don’t really use makeup that much, but want to start with an affordable good primer, go for it! As for the Bare Essentials Primer, I think if you want to just try it out, why not! Nothing wrong with that! but for people who are more price conscious, i think you should stick to the Sephora primer instead

What do you guys think?

xoxo, Sarah


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