4 different back-to-school looks for inspiration!

             So, the other day i decided to do a look for school. I ended up with 4 looks for school. I go to a school that requires us to wear uniform, but on special occasions, we get to wear whatever we want, usually because a group of people are trying to raise funds for something. So i figured why not do a back to school look for all those who are privileged with wearing whatever they want to school. I think my looks were more based on comfort than anything else? I really can’t see myself struggling to adjust my clothes and having to keep on checking if my clothes are not pulling in the right places, and check if my clothes are fitting well. Comfort, for me, brings out confidence. Id rather look smart and confident in my classes, rather than uncomfortable and irritated with my clothes. So here are some looks for inspiration! Each look has a different style, but also very comfortable. Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish right?

            I would honestly wear these looks to school. My favorite would probably be look 3 or 4, reasons being is that I do dress for comfort, and i love the grungy and slightly messy look. I have no clue why but I don’t think the sweet-girl-with-neat-hair fits me. I can’t stand it when I look too neat.

What do you guys like to wear to school? if it isn’t a uniform that is!

            for more looks that I put together, go to my polyvore!


xoxo, Sarah


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