Zimmermann silk dress
305 AUD –

Chain dress
$97 –

Platform heels
4.99 –

Miu Miu platform heels
$670 –

Seychelles platform sandals
$73 –

150 AUD –

Anne Michelle pointed toe pumps
$28 –

Jimmy Choo platform high heels
$1,850 –

Platform pumps
$59 –

Peep toe platform pumps
$69 –

Yves Saint Laurent leather high heels
$1,240 –

Wet Seal platform heels
$30 –

Jimmy Choo platform heels
$665 –

Miss KG platform heels
$131 –
So! A couple of weeks ago, my lovely Biology teacher asked me for some advice for her friend’s wedding. She said that the dresses were yellow, and asked what shoes would go well with it. We began to discuss color schemes and different brands that were available to her here in Singapore, but more about the colors of the shoes. I suppose yellow is quite a tough color to pair up with a complimenting color for a wedding. But! it also is a very beautiful color to wear. So, the last time i spoke to her I told her that I would do something for her on my blog, and HERE IT IS!!
These are the colors I felt that would match pale-ish yellow? Yellow is already such a bright color, I would personally stick to pastel colors like lavender or even a nice light refreshing blue. So here’s some inspiration!
xoxo, Sarah

2 thoughts on “yellow!!

  1. Sarah!!!
    I LOVE IT!!! I see it now. Oh my god! This is so sweet of you to make a blog about my dilemma. Well, I love all the pastel colored shoes. And it goes well with spring wedding. Thanks a lot Sarah dear.


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