erin silver-90210

erin silver-90210

T shirt

Boyfriend blazer
$150 –

Proenza Schouler short skirt
$675 –

Zara platform heels
$80 –

Beach handbag
$40 –

Drop earrings
$11 –

Mango owl necklace
18 –

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses
60 –

Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara
$25 –

Pink Blush lipstick
4.90 –

Bronze Pro
$10 –

Glaze In Dash
$12 –

So, this is my Erin Silver look. I think Silver always looks professional, and when it is time for actually sitting back on the beach being casual, she goes for the more bo-ho look, but not as much as Ivy. I noticed that Silver always wears skirts with her blazers. It goes pretty well with her character if you ask me. She’s always hosting events, or doing something to do with filming, its almost like her job. So I think being styled that way makes her look as professional as she can in a High School environment.
I love her hair! Don’t you? Well, not for me, but on her it looks so great. Even when she dyed it bright orange she looked like a rockstar.
Her make-up, like the rest of the 90210 girls, is really simple. She does do some eye shadow once in a while, for events I suppose, but even so her eye shadow is very light and natural with a sexy cat-eye eye-liner.
I like her funky style. In the sun, she’s always wearing Ray-Bans. One of my personal favorite brand of sunglasses! She keeps it really fun and simple and also super professional looking, but in a stylish way.
Hope this was helpful!
Xoxo, Sarah


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