Inspired by my IB exam

school look 2

Polyester shirt

$30 –

Cropped jacket

$110 –

H M short pleated skirt

15 –

Yves Saint Laurent oversized tote

$1,980 –

Blush In High Five

$12 –


Estée Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss

$20 –

So this week is the beginning of a long,3 week exam period for me. It’s probably the biggest exam I’ve taken yet. Its my IB exam. IB is a crazy, tedious, exhausting, almost unbearable program that “forces” teenagers to work like they’re in university. I was required to write a 4 thousand word essay on a subject, and a 2.5 thousand word essay on the Theory Of Knowledge, which is basically a course on what knowledge is, and how people reason and stuff (interesting, but yet, extremely taxing on the brain). So! As my program comes to an end, I finish off with a major exam, which will determine how much I get (the higher the better) for each subject, ranging from a 1 to 7 (7 being the best like 80% kinda thing, and that percentage is not easy to get). PSHT, anyway, I was inspired to do another look for school from my exams (HAH how ironic, I should have been revising instead of doing this!), but here it is!
First off, I really like the jacket. It’s color and shape is really beautiful, and the lapel is so gorgeous, and that dark scarlet, maroon color is just divine! Since its a school look, I paired the jacket with a pretty plain pleated skirt which really compliments the unusual lapel of the jacket. Because the jacket is my main statement piece, and school is something that you don’t really want to keep wondering and make some long mind boggling decision on what to wear, a plain white shirt will suffice. Add some cute boots and off you go?
I think heels give a girl that extra boots of confidence don’t you? I always feel so much better wearing heels (even though sometimes it hurts!)
Oh well! This is my school look, maybe someone like Miss Serena Vanderwooden from Gossip Girl would wear something like this, simple, preppy and stylish at the same time.
xoxo, Sarah

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