red and black “glam rock” look

red and black "glam rock" look

Neon Hart bustier shirt $60 –

Acne shearling jacket £1,230 –

Legging $25 –

Supra winter white shoes $120 –

Peacock jewelry £4.20 –

Balenciaga bracelet €160 –

Juicy Couture pink jewelry €69 –

Vince Camuto bracelet $145 –

NARS Trio Eyeshadow $45 –

Beauty Is Life Charade Lashes $30 –

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $21 –

Sorry for not updating in such a long time! I’ve been extremely busy now that my exams are over and done with!
This was a look that was inspired by my good friend’s upcoming dance production. Before I talk about this look, just wanna let you guys know that if anyone of you are into dance or anything and also are in Singapore, do go down and watch this production. It is called “In the Making” and is directed by my close friend. It’s about dancers who struggle with day to day problems, like not being able to fit it, or not having high self esteem. It is this coming Sunday at 7:30 pm at the Kallang Theater and tickets are from $15 to $30. Do come if you can!

She was told to wear red and black and had to do so to look “Glam Rock”. Personally, when I think of “Glam Rock”, black and red colors don’t come to mind, but rather black, gold and silver, with lots of shiny things. I suppose “Glam” does include shiny things doesn’t it? Anyway, I did think look for her, sadly she can’t get everything like this, and it is tough to find some things under a tight budget! So here it is!
I always find that leather jackets exemplify “rock”, not matter how and where you wear it. So that was part of the “rock” bit here. The red cuffs also adds to that effect, especially because it has studs on. The red bustier shirt kind of makes the outfit more girly, and more glam! The little jewels on the cuff adds that little sparkle to the outfit too. The necklace helps to just give the outfit a bit more character. There are not many red elements here, so since it is for a hip hop piece, red sneakers would suffice. To just complete the look, I thought having really beautiful glamourous make up would just finish the look perfectly.
Glam Rock is actually pretty simple, because specific pieces come to mind. Hope this was  fun!
xoxo, Sarah

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