Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011

One of the more exciting things I have been seriously waiting for this whole year is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!! Other than the Alexander Mcqueen show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is always fun and interesting. I find it so amazing how they continue to come up with so many wonderful and exciting designs every year.

Last year’s show was one of their best shows ever, and I was really excited to see how they would top it with this years themes. This year’s themes were: Passion, I Put A Spell On You, Aquatic Angels, Ballet, Super Angels, and lastly, Club Pink.

The idea behind Passion, as you can see, sprung out of the Latin roots and heritage. The set has lots of jewels and bright bold colors. As you can tell, there is a lot of black lace with deep scarlet reds, even beautiful flowers embroidered on. It is so elegant, expensive and yet, extremely playful. There is a beautiful jeweled fan that Alessandra Ambrosio wore, which is supposed to be like a Spanish fan, but to me it looks rather Indian, more because of the color combination than the actual fan itself. This set is amazingly seductive!

During the show, Todd Thomas, Collection Designer, was interviewed and said “In putting together “I Put A Spell On You”, we were really trying to create the idea of steamy, sultry New Orleans”, and I think thats exactly what they did. It really looked almost edwardian and although it has really simple elements, all the pieces is very stunning.

During the Aquatic Angels segment, Maroon 5 performed! How perfect was it because his girlfriend, Anne was only walking in this segment. He was so sweet don’t you think? There was heavy beading and wonderful, intricate embroidery, the models all looked like beautiful mermaids! It was very colorful, mostly pastel colors were used. The wings on one of the girls looked so luminescent. It really felt like an underwater world with gorgeous mermaids that wore beautiful shells and pearls. It reminded me of the Little Mermaid, with Ariel and all her sisters.

The Ballet set is defiantly majority filled with pastel tones like light purple and blue. It is so delicate and almost fairy-tale like with lots of cute wings and jewels! It was the set that opened the show so this set is very important! The models looked very graceful, as they should trying to portray ballerinas.

The Super Angels set was so exciting and fun! It looked like the models just came out of a comic book! It looked action packed, colorful, energetic and powerful. The capes are made of parachute silk which made it look like the models were flying through the air and their capes were blowing through the wind. I think the lingerie itself is really wearable, unlike some other sets so that was great.

Club Pink is defiantly the most fun part of the show. Its extremely youthful and really playful! I suppose as a teenager this appeals to me the most out of all the sets. I LOVE Club Pink!! Everything about it is so perfectly girly, like not too girly, just the right amount of pink! This set was so special! They had LED light up wings and LED light up bras as well. I adore Chanel Iman’s wings and tutus.

I loved this show and I cannot wait for next year’s show! It’s gonna be so exciting!!!

xoxo, Sarah


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