Great Drug Store Products!

Alrighty, so, I’m not exactly one to buy extremely cheap beauty products from some random suspicious looking store. However! I am extremely open to buying good quality drug store products! The drug stores here in Singapore are Watsons and Guardian. Well, those are the 2 main ones here. Let’s get down to it!

First off, my favorite drug store product I really enjoy using is the Essential Damaged Hair Care products. 

I personally use the Nuance Airy (PINK ONE!! CAUSE IT SMELLS SO YUMMY!) Shampoo, Hair Mask and Hair Treatment. The hair mask is really good. I do lots of stuff to my hair cause I get really bored very easily. Extension, dying (on a regular basis), perm.. yea. So you could imagine what horrifying condition my hair is in. The products are relatively inexpensive, probably ranges from about $12-$18 (SG$). It really isn’t too bad for a great product! Like I said, it smells really flowery and really nice. AND ITS PINK TOO!

So, I’ve been using the Za cosmetics concealer for a pretty long time now. I think maybe about 2 to 3 years already? Its such a good concealer for $8. It gives wonderful sufficient coverage. On a good day, when my skin isn’t breaking out and is wonderfully smooth, I usually just use this all over my face. Well, just a little bit, and it gives maximum coverage, hiding all kinds of redness around the eyes, nose and mouth, even to the tiny little veins I have on my cheeks. Its a really great product! I’m loving it!!

Bioré make-up sheets are the bomb digity. It clears off my make up really easily! I always wash my face off my make up first, well, i do that twice, and usually most of it is gone. HOWEVER, my eyes are really hard to clear, especially since I do wear both pencil eyeliner to tight line my waterline and gel liner for the top (I just like the over all look on myself). SO, I always have to get in-between my lashes and all. This product makes it pretty easy for that. I just use one sheet and thats that!. AS YOU CAN SEE ON THE BOX, its “NO.1 IN JAPAN”. The only bad thing I would have to say about this would be that, if you rub too hard it can be a little bit painful on your eyes, especially since your eyes are such a delicate area. So just going over it lightly many times would be better. BUT THEN AGAIN, all make-up sheets hurt you when you rub them too hard…
The third product would have to be the Revlon Photo Ready foundation. Now, foundation isn’t supposed to be used to cover up impurities, that the concealers job, but rather, it’s to just even out your skin tone. This just not only do that, but it has little tiny bits of glitter, which I think give enough shine to kind of make you seem like you have flawless skin in the sun or in photos, thus the name photo ready. It’s a really good alternative to other foundations like the HD smash box one! I’m not too sure about the price though!

I’ve only recently got this product and I loved it ever since I put it on. Its a day cream which kind of replicates water based products. My skin is very prone to oil based products and does not really react very well to it. However, I thought I’d give this cream a try. I always put it on before applying my base and foundation, and it goes on pretty well. It isn’t heavy or anything and it doesn’t feel like I’ve got any moisturizer on which is great! It’s super light and super smooth too! I think it was $18? Which is pretty expensive for a cream, well, since my skin is not dry, I rarely use creams, which is why I’d rather use the money to buy other products, but this is pretty good. It keeps my skin really smooth and soft so I really like it!


And that’s it! Hope this was helpful!

xoxo, Sarah


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