Hey guys! This is just a quick update from my side!

I’ve been pretty busy in preparation for certain upcoming events this new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR BY THE WAY!

Recently, I’ve just started a new blog with my best friend, Leanne. It’s a simple food blog, just to illustrate our foodie adventures together or apart. Since we both love food so much, I thought WHY NOT MAKE A FOOD BLOG SINCE WE ALWAYS GET FOOD TOGETHER! Heres a link to our food blog. Theres only one official food post cause we literally just started!


yes i am very much aware that it says THARTofhunger. not THE ARTofhunger. hahah. Theres an explanation on the site. Be sure to check it out once in a while!! 🙂

Well, thats all I wanted to share with you guys! Take Care and Happy New Year!

xoxo, Sarah


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