Hello Beauties

Hey there beautiful. Its been a while since i last posted something or did anything on this blog. MY APOLOGIES. Let me fill you guys in on some of the things I have been working on! Alrighty!

So, on the 6th on January this year, I hopped on a plane to the plains of Perth, Australia, to attend this Discipleship Training School. The organization I’m with is called YWAM (Youth With a Mission), and what they do is equip young people to go out into the nations to share God’s love and truth! So for the first 3 months I was attending training, among many things, I had to go through a lecture phase full of breaking and re-making in me. There were good weeks and challenging weeks, but all in all, it was all great and wonderful. Throughout that time, I managed to do some trend-scouting out in Perth city! I must admit, the girls there are beautiful. The way they dress is definitely fearless and stylish all together. They show their personally through their dressing, which I find incredibly wonderful, especially since fashion is all about self expression isnt it?

So now that that 3 months is over, I am in the beautiful city of NEPAL! I’m just here for ministry work and missions work. One of the things that was SUPER exciting was that all the girls had to go get punjabis (the local dress shirt which is about knee length and INCREDIBLY colorful) made for us! So I got this wonderful teal one with gold and red accents. Its really pretty! whee! We all change it up and switch here and there so its pretty exciting i suppose!

Heres some photos I took

So, I have about less than a month in Nepal, then I will be off to LONDON!! TOO EXCITED FOR THAT. AHH!  I’ll be staying around WEMBLEY STADIUM. oh yes, right where Coldplay will be playing apparently! Kinda excited to be staying there for 2 months! So exciting. Oxford Street, here I come!

So yea thats a quick update on my part. I’ll be doing a couple of reviews of some products I picked up in Perth! So yea! Thats all from me!! Toodles

xoxo, Sarah


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