7 weeks in London.

Being here in London is incredible, but good things always come to an end. I’ll be heading back to Perth in about 10 days and back home to Singapore in 3 weeks. Time really flies by so quickly.

It’s been amazing. London seriously is one of the more “posh” cities I’ve ever been to. I’m falling in love with this place! I skipped over to Harrods the other day with my parents. Boy, isnt that place incredible. The layout of the whole entire mall blows my mind to bits. From the Egyptian inspired theme created by the previous owner Al-Fayed to the beautiful layout of different designer collections and labels. Sometimes, in malls, i can feel incredibly flustered and stressed out, but Harrods definitely made me feel quite the opposite. The food was incredible too!! Ah, amazing malls just make me so happy sometimes

`I also managed to go down to Camden Town! Wow, is it quite the character. I really enjoyed it, other than the fact that it was just the same thing over and over again. I love the chill atmosphere and all the fun, cheap things available. I got some awesome bracelets and rings from there. Bought my mommy a really pretty ring. I LOVE IT.

London has been incredible. I intend to head down to Selfridges on Monday during my off day! Its been such an adventure. I’m so glad to be here with my group. I love them so much, it makes my London experience SO MUCH BETTER.

Will blog soon with updates asap!! ❤

xoxo, Sarah


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