So, I’ve been preparing myself for this very week for the past 3 months. Living with a bunch of people I never knew existed 6 months ago, and coming to love them with all my heart really jolts something in you when its time to say good bye. By the end of this week I’ll be flying off from Perth back home, to what I used to call “normal” life. But truly what is normal anymore? I supposed I’d like to take this time to express my thanks and love to all that I’ve met and have spoken into my life for the past 6 months.  I wont name everyone, but I really want to thank you all for just accepting me as I am. My quirks and habits. Going through this whole process and seeing you all grow, and also growing along with you has brought us all so close. I love my outreach teams. Team Nepal and Team Brent, you are forever in my heart.

Its funny how time can seem to drag on for days upon days, and at the same exact time, fly by in a split second. These 6 months will forever remain etched in my heart. The little moments like breaking into the kitchen and getting caught, using the back door when we were some what late, stalking Taylor Swift, being completely oblivious to who is around and singing my lungs out, etc. Theres so much more, this 6 months showed me that there is so much more to life than just being in my own little world, expressing myself, being myself, breaking out of strongholds that held me back from being everything God made me to be and lastly, knowing that I am more than capable of being a better person.

My heart seems to be bursting at the seams right now, but at the same time, I’m struck with melancholy. My emotions could spill over any time right now, I’m completely vulnerable and transparent right now.
“God didnt create you for what is”normal”. He made you for more than just this.”

God Bless



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