flower child

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My best friends and I got together to do an impromptu shoot using flower crowns made from fresh flowers.

It’s super simple to make and you get a really pretty outcome! Its perfect for a music festival or, even if you just feel like being a forest fairy for the day!

All you need is :

    1) Fresh flowers

    2) A pair of Siccors, (big ones preferably, the stalks and wire were pretty hard to cut!)

    3) Brown/Green wire ( I got mine from Daiso in the gardening section. I suppose you can purchase these at any gardening store, or any DIY store!)

    4) A black hair band or wire to wrap the flowers around.

All you really need to do is to gather the flower selection and wrap the wire around it to secure it properly. I chose really small flowers like baby’s breath because it looked so delicate and fresh, and to balance that “freshness”, I picked flowers that were slightly on the duller side. After doing 2 of the flower selections, I tied them to the 2 ends of the hairband using the brown wires and started to bend them inwards to meet in the middle. Voilá!  There you have it, a perfect flower crown.  You can do more than 2 sections, depending how thick you want the crown to look. I don’t usually do DIY things, so for my first DIY project, it was SO EASY. I’d definitely be making these again!

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The flower crowns really brought my inner flower child/hippie out. Enjoy!

xoxo, Sarah


My Moods


Hey there,


I decided to create 2 boards to illustrate my current moods for fashion. I suppose it could be because of my holidays that I’ve been feeling pretty relaxed lately, more so than ever. I don’t usually like pastel shades, but some how, this season I’m leaning more towards it. Perhaps its the “chill” mood my holidays have placed me in. Anyways, enjoy ❤



xoxo, Sarah

Out in Left Field

This has been due for quite some time already! Sorry I have no blogged in such a long time, school has been incredibly hectic.

This is the final product of my MAJOR project from school. It was such a stressful, yet enjoying experience, from working with the modelling agency, to booking the location, finding the clothes, as well as editing images down to a T. Enjoy!!






from day, to night look

from day, to night

Lipsy no sleeve shirt
£28 – lipsy.co.uk

Floral top
£13 – chiarafashion.co.uk

$130 – topshop.com

Oasis jersey pants
£14 – oasis-stores.com

GUESS pointed toe high heels
$90 – guess.com

Peep toe sandals

Chloé oversized handbag
$2,295 – forwardforward.com

Bounkit clear jewelry
$650 – charmandchain.com

Ann Taylor neon jewelry
$68 – anntaylor.com

Aqua jewelry
$25 – bloomingdales.com

Yves Saint Laurent lip stick
$32 – yslbeautyus.com
Since being back home, it’s been apparent how many women work in Singapore. THEREFORE. I decided to do a quick and easy look of how to turn a simple workoutfit to a fun night outfit! YAY!
Alrighty it should be pretty straight forward from here, but yea! Keep the bulkier items on, like the long pants and blazer and switch the tops and shoes! You can even keep the shoes the way you want it! Keep it simple but really fun when you want to go out at night.
I personally think women these days are starting to look so fabulous at work. I was in town just today and saw 2 ladies that caught my eye. They were wearing colored high waisted pants with a black top and a tight fitted blazer. They looked incredibly stylish! I can’t wait to work! Seriously!
Have a great day to everyone!
xoxo, Sarah



Acne linen shirt
$280 – lagarconne.com

Silvian Heach ankle wrap sandals
€55 – welikefashion.com

Proenza Schouler leather satchel
$1,995 – net-a-porter.com

Rouge In Love
$25 – lancome-usa.com
Just in time for summer! Not that you could wear this in London because it would just be way too cold, BUT! Here’s a little something that is spring/summer inspired!
The beige colors of the sandals, shirt and shorts complement the peachy pink shades from the shorts, satchel and lip stick quite effortlessly. Its quite an easy look to go for. Defiantly really natural and simple. I love simple looks!
xoxo, Sarah