flower child

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My best friends and I got together to do an impromptu shoot using flower crowns made from fresh flowers.

It’s super simple to make and you get a really pretty outcome! Its perfect for a music festival or, even if you just feel like being a forest fairy for the day!

All you need is :

    1) Fresh flowers

    2) A pair of Siccors, (big ones preferably, the stalks and wire were pretty hard to cut!)

    3) Brown/Green wire ( I got mine from Daiso in the gardening section. I suppose you can purchase these at any gardening store, or any DIY store!)

    4) A black hair band or wire to wrap the flowers around.

All you really need to do is to gather the flower selection and wrap the wire around it to secure it properly. I chose really small flowers like baby’s breath because it looked so delicate and fresh, and to balance that “freshness”, I picked flowers that were slightly on the duller side. After doing 2 of the flower selections, I tied them to the 2 ends of the hairband using the brown wires and started to bend them inwards to meet in the middle. Voilá!  There you have it, a perfect flower crown.  You can do more than 2 sections, depending how thick you want the crown to look. I don’t usually do DIY things, so for my first DIY project, it was SO EASY. I’d definitely be making these again!

IMG_1994 DSC_0295 DSC_0287 DSC_0285 DSC_0266 DSC_0236 DSC_0211 DSC_0182

The flower crowns really brought my inner flower child/hippie out. Enjoy!

xoxo, Sarah


My Moods


Hey there,


I decided to create 2 boards to illustrate my current moods for fashion. I suppose it could be because of my holidays that I’ve been feeling pretty relaxed lately, more so than ever. I don’t usually like pastel shades, but some how, this season I’m leaning more towards it. Perhaps its the “chill” mood my holidays have placed me in. Anyways, enjoy ❤



xoxo, Sarah

tarte review

IMG_1102 IMG_1106 IMG_1111 IMG_1113 IMG_1117I just got my very first Tarte Gifts from the Lipstick Tree Achiote Color Collection. I’ve heard so many people raving about this brand, so I thought Id just give it a try. The set comes with 3 products, the Maracuja divine shine lip gloss, Lip luster, and the Amazonian clay 12 hour blush!! I was most excited to try the blush, and true to its name, it really did stay on for about 12 hours straight, despite Singapore’s horrid weather. First things first,

Achiote is from a tree found around the tropical regions of South America, and is known for its vibrant and pigmented colour produced rom the seeds of the fruits.  Its such a pretty colour! urucum-achiote urucum powders1404623-main-LheroSo, it came like this. Wonderful packaging. I really am such a sucker for pretty packaging. I’ll buy it instantly. I’ll start reviewing the lip products. For the lip gloss. I noticed that there actually isnt really that much product, which im not exactly happy about. Its only that small bit above the beautiful flower design. Which isnt a lot really. However, it went on smoothly, and has this really minty/peppermint smell to it! I really love the flowers so, that won me over. The lip luster smells and taste the same too. Im not really a lip person, I actually really like my lips to be neutral toned. BUT! I must admit, this lip luster is like a lipstick and lip balm combined. Which makes it really attractive for me since I LOVE lip balms. The color goes on really well and stays for quite a long time.

The BLUSH!! Oh man, the blush is something I need to rave about. This blush stays on the whole entire day. Its pretty impressive since it stayed on for so long despite me sweating like crazy (I had cooked lunch that day). The color goes on incredibly pigmented. A little goes a long way I must say!

Overall, my initial experience with Tarte cosmetics has been a great success and I definitely hope to be purchasing more from this brand. Unfortunately, the Sephora here does not bring in Tarte. Hopefully, I’ll get to get some new products soon!!

xoxo, Sarah

Review time! (Make Up)

Hey there girlies.

During my time in London, I got some new cosmetics to try out. This is just a part of it so, STAY TUNED. I was walking around at a mall and saw the Benefit boutique and just had to stop by and look. I’ve always walked past them and looked at their products but never really got down to getting anything from them. SO! I figure this should be the time!! One thing i really adore about Benefit is their delightful packaging. I LOVE the vintage look and how its always so innovative and feminine!

Heres the loot :

BAD gal Lash Mascara

This bad “gal” right here does wonders for my lashes. Which came to a surprise to me because usually, mascara that volumizes my lashes dont really work on mine. Mine are thin and straight and usually need to be curled for an eternity before it can actually look decent. This mascara has the kind of formula that doesnt clump but adds lots of volume! Great for people who want to try out mascara for the first time, and also great for the pros as well!

Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation Faker

At first I was a little confused when i heard “foundation faker”. It basically is a “creme-to-powder” consistency, and goes on your skin SUPER smooth and evens out your skin tone perfectly, which is exactly what foundation is supposed to be. I find many people mistake foundation to be a cover-up as well, which leads their face to be “cakey”. When in reality, you only need a little! A little goes a long way!! This is pretty incredible. It blended super well into my skin, and really made my skin look so even! Do try it out!

The PORE fessional primer

OK, firstly, I have to say this. This primer is not a bad primer. I LOVE THE PROMO VIDEOS FOR IT. Look it up if you wanna see it. Totally adorable. The primer is slightly tinted, and goes on real smooth, just like usual primers do. It fills up a lot of lines or pores, giving the illusion of beautiful smooth skin. AND it lasts pretty much the whole day. I found it interetsing that you can put it both on top of and below your make up. The usual primers I know of is only for under the skin. So that was pretty cool. I like the way it made my skin feel!

Boi-ing Concealer

This concealer is the bomb. Seriously. When it comes to best coverage, this is IT. It just covers and blends so efficiently into your skin! Its incredible. Im pretty sure if you’re just running out to the store outside and want to look a little bit more presentable, just put this little baby on your little imperfections and BOOM you’re ready to go. So good.

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Foundation

I’m completely loving this foundation so far. It goes on REAL light on my skin, which is great for me cause I hate feeling heavy and gross. Half a pump of this beauty and it covers your whole face. Remember, FOUNDATION IS FOR EVENING OUT SKIN TONE, NOT COVERAGE, THAT’S CONCEALER. Like I said above, you wanna stay away from the “cake face” OOOH, thats a nono.

Tripple Performing Facial Emulsion

This moisturizer was not too bad. It went on a little heavy, but made my skin feel oh so smooth. In comparison to my other face moisturizer I picked up from LUSH (vanishing creme), this one makes my face a little oily, where as the other one gets completely absorbed into my skin. What kind of moisturizer do you like? Leave a comment and let me know!!


Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub

Ah, finally, last product for today’s post. I was going for about 2 months without a scrub, and I began to break out. So I headed over to Tescos and grabed this little bad boy. It’s not too hard on the skin! I like exfoliators that really get rid of dead skin while taking care of the condition of my skin. This one seems to do not only both, but treat acne too. BTW, when I say take care of the condition of my skin, I mean like, moisturizes it at the same time. Whenever I finish using this, I instantly feel refreshed, my skin that is.


So this is is for now, more reviews and fashion haul coming up soon!!

xoxo, Sarah ❤

Adriel, Baby (the dog that always followed us around), Myself, Jasmin



SO, in Perth, I bought a bunch of new products just to try out! Some have been recommended to me before, not just by beauty gurus online but also by other people who have used them! HERE GOES!

1. Maybeline Eyeshadow Smokey Quad

Since I’m onto missions and require carrying all my things with me, I needed something small, as compared to my huge Bh Cosmetics 88 Color Matte Eye Shadow Palette. So I settled for this! Its not too bad I’d say. It gives me everything I need to make a neutral shadow if I want to use it, and I can add on more of the dark colors to make it a nice smokey eye. I cant recall exactly how much it was, but it will defiantly give you mileage!!

2. Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup

This foundation is really great for on-the-go touch ups. It gives great coverage! Supposedly, it is actually a cream solution, which liquifies when u press it through the plastic which covers the cream. I never really knew that until recently. I use my brush and distribute it all over my face. It gives great coverage, and is the basic Revlon PhotoReady solution. It has SPF 20 too!

3. Maybeline Big Great Lash Mascara

Alright, I’ll admit, this buy was out of impulse. Not that I actually wanted or needed it, but because I missed coating my lashes with wonderful volumizing mascara. Im found GUILTY!!! Its not a bad mascara. It doesnt clump or anything. It just makes my lashes look really dark. Its a great dup for the Mac Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara.

4. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Passion

MY FIRST LIP STAIN! HOW EXCITING! Alrighty! So far, I’m LOVING this product. The staying power is not as long as I would like it to be, but I love the color and how it makes me look. I chose this color because I could put a tiny bit on, and make my lips looking really natural, and add on more to get a more dramatic effect. I prefer using it without the lip balm provided, because I find that when I use the balm, the color comes off a lot faster. It could just be me, I’m not too sure!

5. NARS Bronzer in Laguna

What a great start to using bronzer for me! I’ve been told that NARS blush and bronzer is the way to go! Since I already have the blush, I thought I would complete my collection with this bronzer. I love how it makes my skin look! It was formulated to match ALL skin tones! So go for it guys! This is a GREAT buy!!

5. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

When I bought this, I had a couple of things in mind. I was going to a 3rd world country, with possibly little opportunity for me to shower. Thats where I got my inspiration to buy this. Its not a bad product! It smells wonderful, as most LUSH products smell. It actually smells like grapefruit with a slight lemony twist! Works beautifully on my hair, from greasy to non greasy in an instant! It lightens my roots a little! But i do need that since my hair is growing out and that grossness of my hair is coming out! So its really perfect for me 🙂

6. Lush Toothy Tabs in Dirty

These toothy tabs, I must admit, clean my teeth better than my regular tooth paste does. Kinda weird! I know. It tastes rather strange, but for the most part, it makes my teeth WHITER and CLEANER, and my breath FRESHER TOO. So, yes, this was also bought because I thought solid toothpaste would be a much simpler alternative on my missions here in Nepal! So far, its working well. Each box comes with 40 tabs, and guess what, ITS ONLY $3.95!! HOW INSANE IS THAT. SERIOUSLY. If you have a LUSH store near you, IM SAYING HERE, AND NOW, GET THIS. OR AT LEAST GET ONE BOX OF TOOTHY TABS!!! SO GOOD.

7. Lush Sesame Fresh Face Mask

Sadly, I dont have a photo of this product! BUT! it looks like a light grey paste with sesame in it! It made me look like a sea monster. I had it on in my dorm one night and I scared my friend so badly, she fell on the floor. It was to make my skin smoother and clearer, and might I just say, it WORKED! My skin felt so beautiful and rejuvenated! It was good!

So thats my little review of the products that I’ve purchased during my stay in lovely Perth. I will be going back there in 2 months after London SO! Maybe I will stock up on some of the things which are availible there and not availible in Singapore. Til next time,

xoxo, Sarah



Acne linen shirt
$280 – lagarconne.com

Silvian Heach ankle wrap sandals
€55 – welikefashion.com

Proenza Schouler leather satchel
$1,995 – net-a-porter.com

Rouge In Love
$25 – lancome-usa.com
Just in time for summer! Not that you could wear this in London because it would just be way too cold, BUT! Here’s a little something that is spring/summer inspired!
The beige colors of the sandals, shirt and shorts complement the peachy pink shades from the shorts, satchel and lip stick quite effortlessly. Its quite an easy look to go for. Defiantly really natural and simple. I love simple looks!
xoxo, Sarah